Fox’s Animation Domination celebrated the true meaning of Halloween this year. On the Cleveland Show “It’s the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown” Junior’s dad explains that he’s too old to dress up for Halloween but that it’s okay for his sister because “Everybody knows Halloween is just a free pass for teenage girls to dress like sluts.”

American Dad suited up too in “Best Little Horror House in Langley Fall.” Unfortunately, Stan’s Cowardly Lion costume was more scary than slutty, especially when he walks away in those fishnets. But seeing Toshi’s sister Akiko dressed up as Chun-Li makes up for seeing Stan’s butt.

And on Family Guy “Halloween on Spooner Street”, Meg’s plan to hook up at a Halloween party by leaving her mask on backfires when she goes into a closet and accidentally makes out with her brother Chris. But that’s not the shocking part. When they get home Chris initially stammers to explain why they smell like sweat and shame but then admits, “You know what, I don’t care. I hooked up with a chick tonight, and I am pretty darn proud of myself.” Meg eagerly agrees, “You’re right Chris. I hooked up with a guy tonight, a high school guy, and I think maybe he’ll call tomorrow.” But Chris quickly shoots her down, telling her “You may be disappointed.”

Coincidentally, this is the 3rd time Meg has had an incestuous relationship. In “Peter’s Progress” Meg is married to her father, Peter, in a past life. And she upped the ante with some bestiality in “Barely Legal” where she hooks up with their dog, Brian, at the prom. At this rate it won’t be long until Meg robs the cradle and turns Stewie off of women forever!

Even the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXI” was surprisingly risque. Marge doesn’t wear a costume per se, but that didn’t stop her from getting into the spirit of holiday. She showed off her curves in a black bikini and rubbed herself down with ice cubes & lotion but before Homer could dig in, they find a hunky man lost at sea.

A jealous Homer thinks he sees him playing with her nipples, but it turns out that his broken glasses are just blocking the radio between them. Although it was just an illusion, it’s was still pretty shocking as far the Simpsons go.

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