No doubt about it, Hostgator’s Black Friday 80% off sale was a great deal… if you could get in on it. It was for new customers only, and sold out in literally minutes.

I didn’t qualify either since L7 World is hosted by Hostgator so I spent all weekend searching for other deals, which wasn’t easy because many shared host don’t allow all content (a must for my new site). Fortunately I found offering their Geek plan (equal to Hostgator’s Baby plan) for just $10 for 1 year! Unfortunately, it was last second and didn’t have time to share this great deal. But Certified Hosting is another doozy of a deal for Cyber Monday: 75% off all shared hosting plans. And since their plans are  normally $1 cheaper than Hostgator it’s it’s like Black Friday all over again except this time it’s ALL DAY, because what good is a deal if you can’t get it?

But it get’s better! Not only do they have the standard affiliate program (hint hint), you can get another 10% off by placing a small ad (149 x 45) for Certified Hosting on your hosted site.

I just signed up for hosting with another website so I can’t give a full review, but I can say my site loads fast, which hopefully won’t change when everyone signs up for this deal. But since they offer an ANYTIME money back guarantee (prorated refund) I’m betting they do their best to make sure I don’t need to take them up on it. Speaking of which, I did have a favorable experience with their customer service. During the sign up I accidentally refreshed my browser and got a duplicate order at full price! They have toll free support but I decided to use their live chat (10:15 PM EST). I instantly got a human being (Jenny) and she quickly cancelled the dupe for me and told me they’d soon have my account set, minutes later it was! Coupon Code: CYBER