Entertainment Weekly’s Keith Staskiewicz gave Bob’s Burgers an “A-” noting “To see a comedy this well done is very rare indeed.” But his review is as rotten as the fart jokes that pass for humor on the show. Anyone who tells you different has been paid off. It’s quite possibly the worst cartoon I’ve ever seen (or heard).

Bob Belcher (H Jon Benjamin) runs a Burger joint between a funeral home and an animal rights organization and as you’d expect things often go awry. In the first episode his wife’s ex tries to shut down the restaurant after hearing a rumor that the burgers are made with human remains from the crematorium next door, a rumor started by his cheeky daughter Louise.

In fact, Bob’s children seem to delight in annoying him (and us). Every time they open their mouths it’s to say something totally inappropriate and random thing. It’s like having 3 (unfunny) Peter Griffins, it’s redundant and made even worse by the fact that all the characters sound like Kermit the Frog or Elmo.

Many of the jokes go nowhere like when the health inspector explains that he’s the natural enemy of the burger joint and we hear an inexplicable bird cry. This scene could have actually been funny, or at the very least made sense, if it had cut to Bob’s son who plays with a megaphone throughout the episode.

The show is painfully gaggy and feels like a series of comic strips strung together. Not even a lead in from the Simpsons can save Bob’s Burgers from being shut down.