Now that I’ve upgraded to a wireless mouse (Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500) rechargeable batteries are a must. I nearly bought the Duracell Value Charger CEF14DX4N in part because it was first listed on Amazon. Fortunately, a review from “NLee the Engineer” wised me up. Like many of these value chargers, the Duracell brand requires batteries to be charged in pairs. That’s not just inconvenient, it could lead to overcharging if the pair isn’t equally empty.

Not so for the Sony Cycle Energy BCG34HLD4KN Power Charger. It charges batteries individually so any combination of AA or AAA is possible, and a safety timer prevents overcharging. It even has a voltage monitor to let charge anywhere in the world. Now that’s a real “value” charger.

Included are 4 pre-charged 2000 mAh AA Batteries, which sell for individually for $11.26, making the $13.98 charger practically free. Even in bulk 4 alkaline batteries cost about $2 so after just 7 charges it will pay for itself and if these batteries last for even a fraction of the advertised 1,000 charges it will be well worth the purchase.


The Charger has been marked up almost 4x the price (currently $49.75) but you can pick up the Sony Cycle Energy BCG34HLD2RN 1000 mAh Power Charger with 2 AA Pre-Charged Batteries for a fraction of that (currently $10.89). It’s the same charger; the only difference is the batteries that are included are 1000 mAh (only half as powerful) but you can buy the Sony Cycle Energy 2000 mAh Pre-Charged AA Rechargeable Batteries separately (currently $9.25) for a much better deal.