Finnish food activists calling themselves the Food Liberation Army (FLA) kidnapped a Ronald McDonald statue earlier this month, threatening to execute the mascot if McDonald’s did not meet their demand for more transparency about the manufacturing processes, raw materials, and additives used in the fast food chain’s products.

“We love burgers, fries and McDonald’s, but we can no longer watch silent when the food we love is being destroyed and brought to shame because of greed and indifference. Because of your short-sightedness your burgers have become nearly inedible,” explain the mask members in a youtube video.

Heli Ryhänen, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, said the company did not negotiate with criminals and reported the theft to the police. Two members of the FLA were arrested shorty after and the statue was recovered, but the group was able to follow through on their threats with a replica Ronald, which they beheaded by guillotine.

McDonald released a statement saying, “McDonald’s is always available to engage in constructive conversations with our customers, stakeholders and the media. This stunt is in very poor taste and not a responsible approach to meaningful dialog.”