With a Safety Inspector like Homer Simpson, it’s no wonder that Springfield Nuclear Power Plant has so many safety violations. And in light the tragedy in Japan, TV networks from around the world are screening Simpsons episodes for any objectionable content.

The Austrian network ORF has already pulled Episode 66, “Marge Gets a Job” in which scientists Marie Curie and Pierre Curie die of radiation poisoning and Episode 346, “On a Clear Day I Can’t See My Sister” in which the characters joke about a nuclear meltdown.

Fox Television has provided American networks with a list of potentially sensitive episodes, but executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly that no upcoming episodes “even approach” the subject. “Some of them are workplace shows, but they are just about Homer being at work. They’re not about nuclear power,” explained Jean.

Besides, if you’ve watched the education film “Nuclear Energy Our Misunderstood Friend” you know nuclear energy is nothing to be afraid of.

Season 1 episode 3 “Homer’s Odyssey”