There are entire websites devoted to gender bender fan fiction and artwork (so I hear) but fans no longer have to imagine after last night’s Futurama episode, “Neutopia.” The men of Planet Express bankrupt the company so it’s only fair that they raise money by forcing the girls to do a calendar. Just one problem: actual girls. Even after Hermes tricks his wife into participating they only have three girls.

Deus (s)Ex Machina

The crew crashes on a mineral planet and encounters a rock monster, who magically removes their genders to teach them a lesson about working together as equals. It works but the crew decides sex is worth the problems. The alien agrees to restore them but accidentally reverses their genders and Zapp Brannigan vaporizes it before it can switch them back. Unlike their counterparts, the men are much more willing to show off and the Calendar is a huge success because in Leela’s words “most of our fans are huge perverts.”