Aquaman has gotten a bum rap over the years. He’s one of the most powerful super heroes in the DC Universe yet most people think he’s a joke because he lives in the water and talks to fish. DC Comics is hoping to change that perception with a reboot. Rather than shy away from all the ridicule he’s received, writer Geoff Johns tackles the fish jokes head on but Aquaman’s not laughing.

In Aquaman #1, the under-appreciated hero receives jeers from criminals and law enforcement alike. The criminals don’t see him as a threat and the police are embarrassed about getting upstaged by him. Aquaman calmly shrugs it off but he really gets steamed while eating at a seafood restaurant, where he’s inundated with dirty looks for ordering the fish and chips. The other customers tell him can’t eat fish since he talks to them. Aquaman explains that fish brains are too primitive to carry on a conversation, and what he actually does is “reach into their midbrains and telepathically push them to help.”

A blogger decides to do an impromptu interview, which is really more of a roast and culminates in with him asking how it feels to be Aquaman. He elaborates, “I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard all the jokes and seen all the skits from Saturday Night Live on Youtube. So how’s it feel to be a punchline? How’s it feel to be a laughingstock? How’s it feel to be nobody’s favorite super-hero?” Aquaman answers by pulling out his trident complete with Wolverine-esque sound effect.

His new tough guy attitude can also be seen on the Justice League #4 cover, which shows a very badass looking Aquaman standing over a defeated Green Lantern. But will Aquaman ever be able to conquer his greatest enemy… his own image?

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