FX’s new series American Horror Story is like a erotic version of The Shining. Instead of a ghost bartender poisoning the father with alcohol, there’s a ghost maid seducing the father with her very tangible body.

Ben is surprised that his wife hires Moria (Alex Breckenridge) given his past adultery but it has less to do with her open-mindedness than the fact that women can see Moira’s true form, that of an old woman (Frances Conroy) whose ghostly eye still bares the evidence of the gunshot that killed her. Incidentally, Frances Conroy’s eye is not a special effect, it’s an actually malady that was worked into the script.

Young Moira constantly teases Ben but when ever his wife walks in Old Moira makes an appearance. Moira later explains, “I’m not naive to the ways of men. They need to objectify, conquer. They see what they want to see. Woman however see into the soul of a person.”

She’s absolutely right. Women are not things to be objectified. Luckily, Moria’s a ghost not a woman.