In a very special holiday episode of Community, the gang gets into the Christmas spirit whether they like it or not. The Glee teacher recruits Jeff and his friends after an anonymous tip about copyright infringement shuts the glee club down. One by one they are seduced by song into joining, and I do mean seduced. Annie gives Jeff a lap dance while parodying Madonna’s cutesy version of “Santa Baby” which climaxes with the line “Boop-dee boop-dee doop, boop… sex.” Jeff tells her “eventually you hit a point of diminishing returns on the sexiness,” but that doesn’t stop him from signing up to see more.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get an encore performance because the show’s a bust when it’s revealed that the instructor murdered the previous glee club. But you can see Alison Brie singing the real version without all the cutey wootsy crap in her very sexy audition for Christmas Idol (video bottom).