Larry King returns to reluctantly moderate the “Yahoo! News Funny or Die GOP Presidential Online Internet Cyber Debate.” It’s set up to look like Hollywood Squares and ends with the Reagan speed round, in which candidates see who can say Ronald Reagan’s name the most. The winner is Jon Huntsman but just like in real life no cares about him.

The real reason the candidates are there is for “an opportunity to blatantly, shameless promote their books.” Mitt Romney’s book has blank pages so you can write whatever you want him to say. Ron Paul’s book is on how to keep children out of you abandoned amusement park by dressing up as ghost. And Rick Perry promotes a Hardy Boys book, it’s got train robbers!

The Debate is followed by a sexy rebuttal from Obama, who reveals his “dirty little secret.” He’s actually a conservative, just look at his record: Wall Street bailout, extending Bush Tax cuts, and he followed the Bush timeline for pulling out of Iraq… because when Obama says he’s gonna pull out, you can trust him.

Features: Mike Tyson as Herman Cain, Rob Delaney as Mitt Romney, Horatio Sanz as Newt Gingrich, John C. McGinley as Rick Santorum, Greg Germann as Jon Huntsman, Patrick Warburton as Rick Perry, Leslie Jordan as Ron Paul, Erin Gibson as Michele Bachmann, Bryan Safi as Marcus Bachmann, and Reggie Brown as President Obama.

Watch the debate @ Yahoo Screen