Mattel announced at Toy Fair 2012 plans to release a 1:1 replica of the hoverboard featured in Back to the Future Part 2.

The hoverboard is “movie accurate,” right down to the hole where Marty ripped off the handlebars. It includes multiple whooshing sounds and will glide over most surfaces (does not actually “hover” – check back in 2015 for that feature).

The future of this movie memorabilia is uncertain. It will only go into production if it gets enough orders to justify the cost. will take pre-orders from March 1st to 20th and ship in time for Christmas 2012.

If you want a working hoverboard and can’t wait for 2015, you could always make your own like YouTube user dondula7, who was inspired by an earlier attempt by French artist Nils Guadagnin.

Real Hoverboard funded via Kickstarter