This year, Animation Domination featured some very special Valentine’s Day episodes . . . like after school special.

On The Cleveland Show (“Dancing with the Stools”), Cleveland Jr. replaces his dad in a dance competition and develops feelings for his stepmother, Donna. Junior repeatedly kisses her and even proposes. Eventually she sets him straight and he professes, “You know Ms. Donna, you’re a real MILF… mother I’d like as a friend.” With their relationship back to normal they do some wholesome mother and son dirty dancing. When they get home Junior ogles his stepsister, Roberta, who has morphed into Donna from babysitting Rilo.

On Family Guy (“Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream”), Chris brings home his new girlfriend Lindsey, who looks disturbingly like his mother, Lois. Stewie jokes, “It looks like somebody getting a little Oedipusy.” In fact, Chris later admits that’s exactly why he asked her out. Chris thinks he’s a trainwreck like his dad and only a girl like his mom would put up with him. Lois tells Chris he could get any girl he wants, then she takes the child filter off the computer so he can have a fun night.

This isn’t the first time the Griffin have kept it in the family. There have been numerous Family Guy hookups.