When Geoff Jefferson tries some DIY repair on his Super Genesis 64, he goes to the hospital for electrocution but leaves with a broken heart. Nurse Julia is so far out of his league that his only hope of seeing any action is mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so tries to get readmitted to the hospital as often as possible. Surprisingly, being a accident prone doesn’t exactly impress her.

You interact with the world through three icons: an eye for inspecting items, a hand for picking them up, and a box for your inventory. Although it’s tempting to click your way through with the hand icon, inspecting items will reveal humorous tidbits and invaluable clues that will help you progress in the game, as will combining items in your inventory. If a combination fails, there’s no harm done except maybe to your pride. Geoff will say things like “Sometimes the things I do make no sense,” and “This smacks of trial and error.”

Other combinations may be right but seem very wrong such as: fixing a washing machine with a vibrator, a sink with a butt plug, and a fuse box with nipple clamps, which Geoff quickly regrets when it reveals the kinky couple to whom the items belong.

Geoff’s communications skills are equally inappropriate. Rest assured that regardless of which response you choose the result will not be good. This is especially true when talking to Julia but it’s the quest that counts, not the conquest.

Nurse Quest is romantic comedy for nerds filled with humorous movie and video game references that are the only satisfaction you’ll get, but you still won’t be able restrain yourself from trying (even by court order).

Game: http://games.adultswim.com/nurse-quest-adventure-online-game.html
Walkthrough: http://www.robotlizard.com/nurse-quest-walkthrough/