Many people become vegetarians because of ethical concerns about eating living, breathing, and most importantly feeling animals so you’d think that’s the last thing merchants would want to stir up but anthropomorphic food is alive and well in commercials. These edible mascots are usually all too happy to sacrifice themselves, which usually happens off-screen to avoid unpleasantness (see: Vegetable Suicide), but no matter how sanitized it, there’s something very disturbing about eating sentient beings.

Compilation of Anthropomorphic Food Commercials:

PAM cooking spray – Anthropomorphic Muffin is worried about getting stuck to pan but not about getting eaten.

PAM “Father and Daughter Muffin” TV Commercial

Thomy Mayonnaise – Anthropomorphic Food loves Anthropomorphic Condiment so much it lathers it on while being cooked

Thomy Mayonnaise – Senf Kotelett

Thomy Mayonnaise – Kotelett (tanning)

Thomy Mayonnaise – Fischstäbli (frying pan)

Thomy Mayonnaise – Flirting

Thomy Mayonnaise – Verwechslung (sausage)

Thomy Mayonnaise – Coup d’oeil (carrot)

Thomy Mayonnaise – Die Neue (egg)

Colman’s Mustard – Anthropomorphic Pig is not a fan of mustard.

Colman’s Mustard: Stayin’ Alive

French’s Mustard – Anthropomorphic Sandwich only wants French’s Mustard.

French’s Mustard – No substitutes

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard Commercial

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard – Rattled

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