Saturday morning cartoons are making a comeback with Cartoon Network’s DC Nation, an hour-long programming block featuring DC properties Green Lantern: The Animated Series (10am/9c) and Young Justice (10:30am/9:30c), but the really big news is the series of shorts that air during commercial breaks. The minute long shorts make use of a variety of animation techniques, including: traditional, CG, and claymation but all have a humorous take on the DC Universe. Some of the shorts could get super-sized according to Peter Girardi, senior vice president of series and alternative animation at Warner Bros. Animation. “We’re hoping some of these shorts are actually micro-pilots that might take off,” says Girardi. “We might introduce the audience to a character they’ve never known before.”

DC Nation will also include live-action segments, with an emphasis on action. Every week, weapon specialists test super hero gadgets in the real world. Naturally, the demonstrations succeed as the alternative would be like disproving Santa, who totally exists kids. Consequently, the tests are child’s play like breaking fragile champagne glasses from 40 feet away with Green Arrow’s boxing glove arrow. Then again, maybe the tests are so simple because just like the mall Santa the demonstrator isn’t the real thing.

DC Nation Preview: