Most celebs covet their privacy but one Hollywood agent is giving out their phone numbers to anyone with a credit card. Gina Rodriguez runs Dial-a-Star, a website that let’s you skip the fan mail and talk directly to her celebrity clients, who are strictly D-list. In Fact, many of them are only famous for their connection to actual celebrities like Lindsay Lohan’s parents Dina and Michael.

“It’s been really great. I have gotten a lot of calls,” Mr. Lohan told Fox411. “There has been a wide variety. One woman’s best friend has a son with an addiction problem, so I talked to Dr. Drew about that and told her what he said, and then of course you have TMZ calling me just to harass me.”

Rates vary depending on the celebrity, who receives a 50% cut. They range from $5 per minute for reality TV star Donald Farm (VH1’s Megan Wants a Millionaire) to as much as $27 per minute for celebrity bodyguard Kris Herzog. The most popular celebrity is Jersey Shore‘s Danielle Staub, who charges $18 per minute but that hasn’t deterred fans. Staub has made over $7,000 in just one week.