South Park has finally answered the age-old debate of leaving the toilet seat up or down. In the season premiere “Reverse Cowgirl,” Clyde is tormented by his nagging mother, who constantly warns him to leave the toilet seat down so she doesn’t fall in which is exactly what happens.

The Toilet Safety Administration (TSA) forces everyone to wear toilet seat belts so they don’t fall in. Eventually, the TSA becomes so intrusive that Cartman suggests bolting the seat down but the women still complain that men will pee on the toilet seat, which brings up a good point but not the one she intends. Aren’t men already being courteous by lifting the toilet seat so it doesn’t get covered in urine? Why should we put the seat up and down? Should we wipe your ass too?

Meanwhile, Clyde sues the ghost of John Harrington, inventor of the toilet, only to discover that both sexes have been using the toilet incorrectly. Harrington explains, “You can’t sue me. You’re all using my toilet invention the wrong way. When you have to sit and take a Sir Harrington, you’re supposed to be facing this way so you can use the little shelf for your books and your quill and your ink. Why would I design it so that when you’re finished taking a Sir Harrington, you have to stand up, turn around, and look down, right at your Harrington to flush? That’s gross.”

The episode ends with Clyde using the toilet the proper way but when he’s done, he defiantly puts the toilet seat up and gives the middle finger to his mother in heaven.

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