The season finale of AMC’S The Walking Dead ended with the on-screen debut of Michonne, a sword-wielding zombie slayer who first appeared way back in issue #19 (2005). Only now is her origin being told in a six-page mini-comic for the April issue of Playboy.


The story opens with Michonne racing home from work while still dressed in a skirt and high heels. The zombie outbreak has already claimed everyone she knows, save for her boyfriend, Mike, and his best friend, Terry, and even they become infected with the virus. When Michonne realizes the zombies don’t attack each other, she chops off their arms & jaws and puts them on a leash to escort her past the zombie horde.

What’s really shocking is that the iconic katana she uses throughout the series was part of her creepy neighbor’s samurai sword collection. It’s sorta like finding out Excalibur is just a prop from a renaissance faire.