After years of getting beat up, Doctor Octopus is dying and claims he wants to be remembered as “the man who preserved the Earth for all time.” He launches a network of lens into orbit, which first speed up global warming as a warning and then temporarily reverse global warming as an incentive. In order to make the effect permanent, he needs the assistance of world leaders. They eagerly agree. None more so than former Vice President Al Gore, who calls the new approach at geoengineering revolutionary. Spider-Man rebuts the so-called scientific evidence with a right hook that literally takes off Gore’s head. Spidey reveals to shocked onlookers it was actually the imposter known as Chameleon, who was trying to expedite the vote. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for that menacing Spider-Man and his armor keyed to hone in on the Chameleon’s specific heartbeat.

The Amazing Spider-Man #683 – “Ends of the Earth” part 2 of 4