If there’s one thing we’ve learned from The Walking Dead, it’s that you need friends who have your back. AMC’s The Walking Dead: Social Game lets you test out your survival skills as well as your social skills by recruiting your friends on facebook to help defend your camp, which will continuously be under attack by walkers even when you’re not online. More friends means more guards but it also means more zombie chow. Beware, your dearly departed friends can return as walkers. No word yet if there’s a barn sanctuary.

The game is being developed by RockYou and Eyes Wide Games, which are hoping to social games to the next level. “AMC’s The Walking Dead Social Game is a next generation game for social networks.” said Stephen Griffin, CEO of Eyes Wide Games. “It’s got deep playability. It’s got drama, and it’s still approachable for the casual audience. However, if you’re a gamer and you’ve been looking for a deeper game to play and to experience on social networks then this is it.”

The cartoony designs belie the gameplay. Players can unlock a variety of weapons (axes, crossbows, and guns) to carry out extremely graphic kills. The combat will be turn based so that it’s simple enough for anyone to pick up but challenging enough to allow for multiple survival strategies. “We are targeting the maturing gamers that post college have reached a point in their professional and personal lives where games need to fit into their broader lifestyle,” said Josh Grant, SVP & GM of Studio Partners at RockYou. “The Walking Dead Social Game lets traditional core gamers engage in battle against zombies, with win or lose consequences, but on a more flexible social platform.”

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