Avengers VS X-Men pits the two most powerful superhero teams against each other so you’d think they would be pretty evenly matched but it’s been suspiciously one-sided. Perhaps to get fans excited for the new Avengers movie.

Current record Avengers: 3 – X-Men: 0

In Avengers Vs. X-Men: Versus #1, Namor (king of the oceans) loses to the Thing (who breathes air) in the water!!! He’s defeated by being pinned to the ground!?

Meanwhile, Magneto (the master of magnetism) loses to Iron Man. Granted Tony switches to a non-metallic suit but Magneto can control all the any metal including the iron in your blood!

Instead, they slug it out until Magneto senses the destruction of a planet by the coming Phoenix. He gives up because the fight is inconsequential in the scheme of things.


Uncanny X-Men #11, Red Hulk defeats Juggernaut-Colossus (two powerhouses in one) when Piotr gets worried about destroying his home and depowers to plain old Colossus.

WTF! He could have just knocked the Hulk to a safe distance. Imagine if Superman gave up every time a super villain attacked Metropolis.

Upcoming bouts:

In Uncanny X-Men #12, Namor and Thing have a rematch. Based on the cover it appears to be on land, which would seem to put Namor at an even greater disadvantage but I wouldn’t be surprised if they “let” him win this time and call it even.

In Avengers Vs. X-Men: Versus #2, Captain America is matched up with Gambit. There’s no way the leader of the Avengers is going to lose. The second match is a gimme. Spider-Man is matched up with Juggernaut-Colossus!? (nuff said) It seems like the only Avengers who will get beaten are new members and even than they’ll have to be severely outmatched. It just goes to show you that mutants really are feared and hated.