Epic Games announced Gears of War 3 would conclude the series but they never said anything about prequels.

Gears of War: Judgment takes place shortly after Emergence Day (E-Day). Lieutenant Baird leads Kilo Squad against this terrifying new enemy but he’s less than successful. The squad is put on trial for “desertion, cowardice, trespassing, the theft of experimental military technology, and treason.” (See trailer below).

Gears Of War: Judgment will be groundbreaking (get it?). It’s the first game in the series to feature a class-based system, which will be in addition to, not replace, the normal multiplayer. “OverRun” is an objective-oriented mode that lets five-player teams alternate between playing as Locusts on offense and COG soldiers on defense. Notably, the COG medic can revive teammates from a distance using health grenades because nothing is worse than going to save your buddy and getting killed yourself. Now if only the whole game had that.

Other new features include the Smart Spawn System [S3], which ensures each spawn is unique, and the “Mission Declassification” system, which offers unlockable challenges within campaign mode.

COG classes:

Baird – Engineer
Weapons: Gnasher and Blowtorch
Special Abilities: Sentry turret, Blowtorch repairs damaged fortifications.

Cole – Soldier
Weapons: Lancer and Boomshot
Special Abilities: Deploy ammo crates

Sofia – Medic
Weapons: Lancer and Snub Pistol
Special Abilities: Stim Gas grenade (toss grenade at downed allies to revive them)

Garron – Scout
Weapons: Longshot and Snub
Special Abilities: Beacon Grenade

Locust classes:

Role: Leap over hazards, climb perches.
Special Ability: Stunning scream.
Tip: Travel in packs and stagger screams for maximum stunning power.

Role: Eat fortifications, eat grenades, detonate.
Special Ability: Speed boost.
Tip: Can be kicked over barriers by grenadiers.

Role: Hammerburst rifle, heal friendly units, ride bloodmounts.
Special Ability: Chain heal.
Tip: Support valuable units like Corpser and Mauler with healing.

Role: Lancer rifle, ride Bloodmounts.
Special Ability: Frag Grenade.
Tip: Throw grenade at COG turret to cause deadly explosion near enemies.

Role: Melee enemies/fortifications, be ridden by Grenadier and Kantus.
Special Ability: Halve the cooldown time on rider’s special ability (passive)
Tip: Carry a mounted Kantus behind cover while his heal recharges.

Role: Devastate fortifications and COG soldiers with flail and shield.
Special Ability: Spinning spike shield.
Tip: Aim the reticle at enemies while shield spins to deflect bullets back at COGs.

Role: Eat through barriers, destory COGs, ranged support.
Special Ability: Spit poison.
Tip: Have two Serapedes overlap to protect one another’s vulnerable rears.

Role: Demolish fortifications and COGs with heavy melee.
Special Ability: Burrow and move underground.
Tip: Armored legs reduce damage from the front.