New details on the Xbox 720 have been leaked in 56-page document uploaded to Scribd. Microsoft isn’t commenting on the authenticity of the document but all the evidence suggests it’s legit. The length and detail seem too elaborate for a hoax. There are references to recent innovations such Xbox SmartGlass, which wasn’t announced until after the leak. Most telling of all is that the document has been removed in response to a takedown notice issued by Covington & Burling LLP, an IP law firm that represents Microsoft. Regardless, the document was created for a 2010 meeting so the following information could be out-of-date.

Game Plan

2013 holiday: Xbox 720 will launch with a price point of $299. The new console will be 8x more powerful and have enhancements such as Windows 8, 1080p, 3D, Blu-ray, and DVR. It will also include Kinect V2, which will have a vastly improved camera that’s capable of tracking up to 4 player at once. “In Kinect v2 we can continue to go beyond controllers and offer peripherals and accessories that heighten game immersion,” reads a caption.

2014: Micosoft will release augmented reality glasses known as “Kinect Glasses” or “Fortaleza Glasses.” They’ll do more than eye-popping graphics. Much like Google Glasses they’ll provide “real time information on people, places and objects.”

2015: Microsoft plans to shift focus to cloud gaming similar to OnLive. The games will run on Microsoft servers and stream to your console so you “never need to upgrade hardware again.”