Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet: It’s like not even there.

Seth Green sat down with Attack of the Show host Paul Scheer to express his sympathy for DC Comics’ whipping boy Aquaman. He showed a new clip from the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, in which the Justice League pretends to sit in Wonder Woman’s invisible jet in order to prank Aquaman, who falls on his butt.

“I’ve always felt like Aquaman gets a little bit of a bad rap,” said Green. “He’s the butt of so many jokes. Any attempts to make serious or give him pathos have just been been met with an audience that wants to laugh at him so we thought we’d meet that really head on and just have him dissatisfied with his treatment and exact revenge on the Justice League. In this he joins the Legion of Doom.”

That’s not the only role reversal. The Robot Chicken Season 6 opening will pick up where last season left off. The chicken will turn the scientist into a cyborg but the name of the show will probably remain the same. Robot Scientist just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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