3-Fins mermaid tail (gills not included).

Double amputee Nadya Vessey pioneer the prosthetic mermaid tail.
Ever since Animal Planet’s fake documentary on mermaids, the mythical creatures have been surging in popularity. They’ve been officially debunked by the government agency NOAA but two entrepreneurs are proving them wrong!

3-Fins is offering custom made mermaid tails for $250 CAD plus shipping. They’re fully functional and come in a variety of colors either solid or stripes.

Designer Monika Naumann says she was inspired by her children, who love of all things mermaid.

“Parents who have ordered the fins for their girls almost always write and tell me how much they love it,” Naumann told TODAY.com. “But mermaid fins aren’t just for kids. They help you get a great workout and can have you swimming faster than you can imagine in the ocean.”

Mermaids will also get workout trying to get back their land legs. The restrictive outfit binds the legs together, which can make getting in and out of the water a challenge so they’re not recommend for children under the age of seven.

Merfins for the mermaid on the go.

MerFins are less cumbersome and cost less clams. The full package runs $189 plus shipping and includes mermaid bikini, mermaid leg tights and a removable mermaid flipper but you can purchase just the flipper for $89.

Designer Kazzie Mahina hopes “Mermaiding” will make waves in environmentalism and inspire a love for the ocean and all its inhabitants, not just mermaids.

“As mermaid legends are embedded in so many cultures all over the world, the MerFins seem to speak to many different types of people,” said Mahina. “We have had such a high demand to do larger sizes for women and men that I now have designs ready in the wings, along with a boys/men’s range of dolphin and whale tails.”