Black Dynamite meets a young Michael Jackson in the premiere episode, “Jackson Five Across Yo’ Eyes” or “Just Beat It.” As the title suggests, the episode involves the abuse suffered by the Jackson Five. However, it is inflicted not by the children’s father, Joe Jackson, but by Michael.

Cream Corn interrupts a beating and takes a bullet for Michael, who befriends him. Not everyone in the crew is starstruck by a young Michael Jackson though.

“Oh my God,” Honeybee screams out. “That’s Michael Jackson of the Jackson Five.”

“Honeybee, I know who Michael Jackson is and what he is of,” Black Dynamite dismisses.

Cream Corn thinks Black Dynamite is just jealous and moves into the Neverland ranch, where discovers the real Michael Jackson is inhuman, literally.

Michael Jackson is part of an invasion by an alien race known as Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa, a verse from the hit song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin.”

During a flashback, Joe Jackson explains that his wife was impregnated by alien ray. Although he was amazed at first, he realizes that whatever it was had saved him “two minutes of hard work.” Joe instantly realizes the child wasn’t his because he has talent, which he displays by dancing while still attached to the umbilical cord. Joe disguises the alien baby with an Afro wig, fake nose and makeup to raise him as his own.

There’s an epic battle between Black Dynamite’s army of ninja and Michael Jackson clones (and a giraffe) but it comes to an end when Michael takes a ray blast for Cream Corn. He chooses to embrace his human side.

Black Dynamite suggests that he keeps his disguise and gradually change his features so people can get acclimated. He also tells Michael to find a cause he’s passionate about like saving the whales, world peace, the children. Michael loves the idea and decides to spend all his time thinking about the children.

“Glad I could help, Michael Jackson,” Black Dynamite says sinisterly. “Glad I could help.”

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