Lego Godzilla: King of the Block
Lego Godzilla destroys the block.

It’s been 5 years since the last Godzilla video game and fanboys are unwilling to wait any longer. They’ve taken it upon themselves to make their own! These aren’t just any blockheads. The development team includes Simon Strange, developer of the three previous Godzilla games, Matt Frank, cover artist for the IDW Godzilla comics, and Chris Mirjahangir, photographer for the Godzilla website,

Kaiju Combat is the final word in giant-monster battle games,” says Strange. It will feature a variety of original and licensed Kaiju but that means raising licensing fees. That’s a gargantuan task so they’re asking for $350,000 in pledges on Kick Starter. Pledges of at least $20 will receive a free copy of the initial release but for $75 you’ll also receive all future releases of which there will be many.

“Kaiju Combat is intended to be the Lego of giant monster fighting games.”

Strange explains:

Kaiju Combat is a framework upon which we hope to build several stand-alone games. Kaiju Combat is an independent brand, but it has been developed with the intent to integrate with established franchises. That sounds like legalese – so let’s put it plainly: Kaiju Combat is intended to be the Lego of giant monster fighting games. Lego can sell a Batman Lego kit, and at the same time be working on a Star Wars Lego, an Indiana Jones Lego kit, and a generic Lego kit.

In the same way, we hope to release Kaiju Combat: Godzilla, Kaiju Combat: Gamera, Kaiju Combat: Ultraman – and many others as stand-alone products which allow Kaiju fans to play all of their favorite monsters, but without tying our technology or our brand down to just one franchise.

That sounds an awful lot like the fighting game engine known as MUGEN (except not free), but they might be onto something with a Lego Godzilla video game. Lego blocks would fit perfectly with destructible environments. Imagine an even cuter version of the arcade classic Rampage, in which players compete to destroy the city as quickly as possible.