After watching the new Doctor Who series 7 trailer, I predict the Mayan doomsday prophecy will somehow be involved. The trailer features Queen Nefertiti, who could conceivably have some relation to the Maya, and there’s even an exploding planet! Naysayers will point out the Doctor has frequently traveled past 2012 and the world’s still here but remember in “The Big Bang” the entire universe was destroyed and replaced with a second Big Bang. I’ll be blown away if 2012 predictions aren’t at least mentioned, if only in jest.

Not all believers say the end of the Mayan Calendar signifies the end of the world, some think it will usher in a new age. And they’re right! It’s been confirmed that the Ponds / Williamses will be replaced this season with a new companion named Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), who will be “very different” according to Executive Producer Steven Moffat. The Mayan calendar ends on approximately December 21 2012, which is perfectly timed for Coleman’s debut in the Doctor Who Christmas special 2012.

Doctor Who series 7 premieres September 1 with “Asylum of the Daleks.”