Adult Swim ratings have been up with return of Toonami and they’re rewarding faithful fans.

“Have about five or six things we are working on. And some good shit on the horizon soon-ish!” tweeted Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing and promotions.

One of those things is a “new” series called Samurai 7. It’s an adaptation of the classic Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai, about a village of farmers that hire samurai to fend off bandits. The anime has already aired on several networks including IFC and the Funimation Channel but never on Adult Swim.

“We are mostly concerned with GOOD before NEW,” Demarco responded in an open Q&A on

Samurai 7 will fill the time slot of Deadman Wonderland, which will finish up this weekend and won’t be rebroadcast. Toonami will avoid reruns where possible but that doesn’t apply to Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop, which they own. There will also be new promos by Howard Parker for both Samurai 7 and Bleach, which has lacked one since the relaunch.

New “Lucky 7’s promo” reveals Toonami is doubling down on Saumrai 7 with “new” episodes of Eureka Seven, which will replace Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood at 1:30 AM. The series features giant robots that sky surf! (nuff said)