Is lifting public officials the next planking or Tebowing? It’s has already happened three times in as many months.

The athletic activity got its start appropriately enough at the Olympics where American wrestler Elena Pirozhkova performed a front body carry on First Lady Michelle Obama. “Even before she made the rounds I thought I can’t just hug her like everybody else,” Pirozhkova told USA Today.

Earlier this month President Obama got a boost while campaigning in Florida. Obama complimented the physique of Scott Van Duzer, the owner of Big Apple Pasta & Pizza Restaurant. The powerlifter then gave him a demonstration with a bear hug that lifted the President off the ground.

Van Duzer has had multiple requests by patrons to recreate the moment, including former Governor Charlie Crist. “You know what I’m here for,” Crist told him.

Who will be the next official lifted?

Pirozhkova has some ideas. “OK, who are you going to pick up next, the Queen of England?” she jokingly suggested in an interview with CNN.