Simpsons Tree House of Horror #18 is a “48-page chill-tacular!” It features 4 stories that parody a wide variety of movies so there’s something for everyone.

“Eerie Beery”The Cabin in the Woods parody

The Simpsons take a family vacation to the cabin where Henry K. Duff invented Duff beer. Homer finds the Duff recipe book that when read aloud conjures evil spirits that enter his family, literally. In one disturbing scene, Lisa is bound by tree tendrils. There’s a cutaway and when she reappears, she’s possessed. It’s reminiscent of the tentacle rape scene in The Evil Dead, which was one of the many movies parodied by The Cabin in the Woods. The writer probably figured the only people that would get the reference wouldn’t be bothered by it. Fortunately, Lisa’s virtue remain intact. There are no ghosts, frisky or otherwise. It’s all an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Springfield’s elite.

Margemary’s Baby Poster

“Margemary’s Baby”Rosemary’s Baby parody

Realtor Gil Gunderson (AKA Ol’ Gil) has the difficult task convincing a newly married Marge and Homer to rent a haunted apartment

The creepy crib has pentagram drawn in blood, a horned goat, and scariest of all the neighbors: Mr. Burns and his wife Smitherina, a female Smithers!

Not surprisingly, Smitherina can’t get pregnant so they use Marge as a surrogate for their demon spawn but it’s not who you think it is.

“One Bart and Stormy Knight” – Batman parody

Bartman returns for his final showdown with the Giggler, who is revealed to be Lisa. She explains that Bart’s pranks have driven everyone insane and in doing so he has created his own rogues gallery, which is a common theme in Batman comics.

“The Bride!”Bride of Frankenstein parody

The patrons of Moe’s Tavern recount the classic monster movie “The Bride.” They recast the film with mixed results. Homer comes the closest to the actual story. He casts himself as Frankenstein and Marge as his mortified bride.