Malachai Nicolle, an 8-year-old comic book writer, gets political in Axe Cop: President of the World. Axe Cop is appointed President after he kills all the bad guys by praying for them to poop poison, which thankfully occurs prior to this volume and isn’t illustrated. Instead of the White House, Axe Cop lives in the Gold House in the real Washington (state), which becomes the capital of the world. He warns that if anyone has a problem with it they are bad guys and he’ll “chop their heads off” (his catchphrase).

The press ask if the bad guys will ever return. Axe Cop prays and God tells him that a force field will protect the Earth from invasion for one million years. But Axe Cop isn’t you typical politician who leaves the problem for the next administration. He sends all the good guys into the future then Axe Cop’s dog shoots him with healing eye lasers to extend his life one million years.

In the meantime, Axe Cop gets two new partners: Goo Cop, a alien abductee who is transformed into green goo that can control minds, and Junior Cobbb, a talking gorilla with gun fists and a tail that can shoot out things like jet airplanes and volcanoes. They ask Axe Cop for help saving them families but he inexplicably ignores Goo Cop’s pleas. It comes off as just another ADD moment by the child author but it’s actually setting up a big showdown with the aliens, who are excluded from the invasion because they’re dumb.

An ongoing theme in the Axe Cop series is combining things particularly bad guys. This time an evil scientist makes the ultimate bad guy by collecting the DNA of every animal, good guy, bad guy and weapon to create “Every Man,” a creature that can turn into everything at the same time. Of course, Axe Cop wants him to be on his team so rather than fight everything, he plans to take down the evil scientist controlling it. It’s moments like that which show some forethought but there are many moments of deus ex machina, not least of which are the literally answered prayers. Nevertheless, it’s fun to see a child apply simplistic solutions to complex problems like elections!

Paperback release date: March 19, 2013