Spider-Man experiences a fate worse than death when a dying Doctor Octopus performs a mind swap in Amazing Spider-Man #698.

Otto Octavius is hooked up to life support but manages to mutter two words: “Peter Parker.” Spider-Man visits him but Octavius says, “I’m Peter Parker.” The real Octavius explains that he has stolen his body, memories and life. “And like a good magician, I shall not reveal my secrets,” he gloats. “You will die, never knowing how I performed my last and greatest trick.” They’re the last words Peter hears before his heart gives out.

The comic book will conclude with Amazing Spider-Man #700, in which Peter meets his dearly departed loved ones in heaven but his uncle Ben tells him there’s one last thing to do. A new hero will don the costume in Superior Spider-Man #1, out in January.

Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man have a battle of wills in this ongoing Mind Swap Saga.