Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012 Prequel
In the previous prequel titled “The Great Detective,” Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax try cheer up the Doctor with a mystery but he says ‘bah humbug.’ In “Vastra Investigates,” the trio solve a case without the Doctor. Unfortunately, their client is as clueless as ever. He asks them about their “skin condition” but Vastra doesn’t bother to lie. She calmly explains that they’re aliens, though that doesn’t seem to faze him. What he really finds perplexing is Vastra’s sexual preference. Madame Vastra and Jenny have a good laugh until it starts to snow with nary a cloud!

The Christmas special will re-introduced Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara, the Doctor’s new companion. Coleman previous played Oswin Oswald, who died in “Asylum of the Daleks.” The actress previous addressed this contradiction by explaining with a grin that they couldn’t be the same character. The new trailer (bottom) seems to support this. Clara meets the Doctor and asks, “Doctor who?” At the very least, it appears to be the first time they meet from her perspective.