Dragonzball PeePee (Dragon Ball Z parody)
Dragonzball PeePee is the second Dragon Ball Z parody from YouTube user Oney. I’d like to think the title was chosen because it’s so funny that you’ll pee your pants but the truth is it’s just one of many puerile jokes. The characters names are similarly altered. Instead of Goku turning into a Super Saiyan, it’s a “Super Sand.” While it admittedly sounds stupid, the delivery is hilarious. The voice acting is spot-on but with lots of silly sputtering.

Dragonzball PeePee (Dragon Ball Z parody) -Vegeta Krillin Gohan

“Y U NO” Guy has nothing on these guys. They literally cannot contain themselves. Their expressions protrude out so much that they fall off their faces!

Dragonzball PeePee manages to boil down the “Frieza Saga” to 3 minutes. The camera cuts away from one of Goku’s endless screams and returns “19 episodes later” just as he’s finishing. Frieza continues the joke by telling Goku that there “only like 50 episodes until Namek explodes” but since he’s been such a good boy he can leave. Goku anticlimactically defeats Frieza with a smack. With his dying breath Frieza says, “It’s true. He is Super Sand Lesbian.”

The next parody will presumably be about the “Android Saga / Cell Saga.” I can already picture it. The Androids ask Goku to come out and play but he’s sick and has ridiculous amounts of snot running down his face. Cell eats Android 18 69 and knocks off Android 16’s head like a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot. Gohan wonders who will take care of the Android 16’s bird friends now and he goes “Super Dooper Super Sand.” Vegeta distracts Cell by tapping on the shoulder or possible calling his “cell” phone, then Gohan use his ultimate “Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon” attack.

Even though I know how it’ll turn out, I still can’t wait to see it. Too bad Oney is only releasing one a year.