Dropkick Murphys Christmas
“Some families are messed up, while others are fine. If you think yours is crazy, well you should see mine,” sings Dropkick Murphys vocalist Ken Casey in a new Christmas music video. “The Season’s Upon Us” presents a distinctively Irish Christmas with lots of drinking and fighting. The dysfunctional family includes two deceptively cute boys, who are very naughty causing mayhem and mischief throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the family is about as real as Santa.

“We wanted the video to help to accentuate the fun, chaotic, dysfunctional side of many family Christmases,” bassist Ken Casey told Spinner. “We had more fun making this video than almost anything we’ve done in the band’s career. We had over 100 volunteer cast members who donated an entire weekend of their time. When it was over, they were actually sad to leave!”