Whether you love it or hate it, Dragon Ball Z is all about power levels. The Z fighters are continually faced with more powerful enemies but through training they become stronger to the point where Goku can instantly teleport across the universe and destroy planets with a single blast. Internet debates have long asked who would win in a fight: “Goku VS Naruto,” “Goku VS Superman” and even jokingly “Goku VS God.”

Fanboys get their wish in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. Obviously, it’s not “the” God but “a” God: Birus, god of destruction. He awakens from a long slumber so long in fact that he still thinks the most powerful being in the universe is Frieza, you remember that guy Goku beat way back in season 3. Naturally, Goku isn’t worried but he should be …

While Birus may not look like like much from that poster, rest assured that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama “involved deeply in the production of animation from scriptwriting.” A new teaser released today shows Birusu looking much more intimidating.

Official Website: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Release Date: March 30, 2013 (Japan)