Joker and Batgirl have Shotgun Wedding

In Batgirl #14 the Joker proposed to Batgirl with her mother’s ring and her finger still attached. She reluctantly accepts when he puts a gun to her mom’s head in Batgirl #15 but she gets wedding day jitters and threatens to cripple him like he infamously did to her in Batman: The Killing Joke. He laughs, “Mom and dad are going to love you.”

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The bride clearly has a fear of commitment but the groom isn’t worried. A flashback reveals that he’s been planning this special day for a long time. He explains to an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist that during their honeymoon he will amputate her arms and legs and keep her locked in the basement. The wedding is scheduled for Batgirl #16.

The Joker and Batgirl Wedding Mini Comic

Batgirl wedding