The World Didn't End or Did it (Read on to Find Out)
December 21 2012 marked the end of the Maya calendar, which some have interpreted as the end of the world. NASA received hundred of calls daily regarding the prophecy, which they debunked in a post titled “Why the World Won’t End.” The agency addressed everything from a polar shift to solar storms. They even went so far as to preemptively upload a 5-minute-long ‘I told you so’ called “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday.”

“We kind of look ahead — we’re a look-ahead agency — and we said, ‘You know what? People are going to probably want to come to us,'” explained Dwayne Brown, a NASA spokesman. “We’re doing all that we can do to let the world know that as far as NASA and science goes, Dec. 21 will be another day.”

I may have not have gone to astronaut school but I have seen a lot space related movies like Riverworld, in which the Earth is destroyed by aliens and the population is resurrected on a new planet to test their moral character. So maybe like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense we just don’t know we’re dead.