Batman and The Joker Face Off One Last Time
The Joker thinks Batman has grown too dependent on his allies so he’s getting rid of them in “Death of the Family.”

Joker kidnaps each member of the Bat-family and teases to unveil a silver platter dripping with blood at the end of Batgirl #16, Nightwing #16 and most notably in Batman #16, in which he shows it to Penguin and Two-Face. “Be warned, though, it might not sit well with you. I can’t imagine it’ll go over well with the bat-babies, either,” he tells them. Then he places it on the lap of an unconscious Batman, who is cryptically cover by his own cape.

Could the platter hold Batman’s face? Joker cut off his own face but we don’t know why. Perhaps it was to swap faces with Batman. The storyline concludes in Batman #17, which has the telling description: “Batman and The Joker face off one last time!”