Best Commercial Disclaimers of 2012 (Norton Anti-Virus)
Commercials are designed to grab your attention so they often involve impossible promises and lots of over-the-top action. Of course the company doesn’t want to get sued for false advertising or worse negligence for encouraging viewers to recreate what they see. That’s why they always add barely visible disclaimers that say things like “fictionalization” or “do not attempt” even when they’re clearly not necessary.

Top 65 Commercial Disclaimers

Almost all the following commercial disclaimers premiered or at least aired in 2012 but there are a few from 2011, specifically the hilarious Allstate commercials featuring Mayhem (last page).

Vitaminwater commercial: Tagline reads “Grab the proverbial antelope by the horns.” A man does the worm dance move in the middle of the street: “Do not attempt.” Biker jumps ramp into building instead of over it: “Profession Stunt. Do not attempt.” An antelope rams a man then another man who drinks the Vitaminwater rides the antelope: “Fictionalized.”

Infiniti G Sedan Commercial: “Do not attempt” to roll a snowball down the hill and crush your neighbor’s car to take his parking spot.

Infiniti JX Commercial: Invisible Kid “Do not attempt” to test your back-up collision intervention system by having a child run behind your car.

Ultrabook pwered by Intel Commercial: House of Flying Laptops “Do not attempt” to use kung fu to secure a power outlet to charge your laptop.

Jiffy Lube Commercial: Roller Derby “Do not attempt” to roller derby down the street on tool chest.

Jiffy Lube Commercial: Luge “Do not attempt” to luge down the street and lasso a car to get more business.

T-Mobile Commercial: See it again “Do not attempt” to ride your motorcycle faster than light.

Chevy Sonic Commercial: Stunt Anthem “Do not attempt to skydive, bungee jump or kickflip with your car.

Hankook Tires Commercial: Be one with it Snowboard jumps out of helicopter and jumps over a car. In case you didn’t realize it’s a “Professional stunt person.”

Old Spice Commercial: Semi Truck “Do not attempt” to get hit by a semi-truck.

Old Spice Commercial: Jungle Wilderness “Do not attempt” compound the error of getting by a semi-truck by walking into a reptile infested swamp.

GameFly Commercial: Be Amazing “Do not attempt” to stick your head out the window while driving and give two thumbs up.