Outback Steakhouse Commercial: “Do not attempt” to wakeboard, Santa is a professional.

Doritos Jacked Commercial: “Do not attempt” to drive your monster truck through a “fine china shop that sells professional-grade fireworks out of the back.”

AXE Anarchy Commercial: AXE body spray causes chain reaction of destruction. Only the short version has disclaimer “Dramatization.” (The use of disclaimers can vary depending on version, the location commercial is broadcast or the medium, such as as online versions)

Doritos Commercial: Grandma uses slingshot baby to get the Doritos. (This time it’s the exact same version but only some aired with “Do not attempt disclaimer.”)

Butterfinger Commercial: A man staples his coworker to the wall for trying to steal his Butterfinger. (Version below does not include “Do not attempt” disclaimer could find the one that did.)

Chex Mix Commercial: Spokesman leans into moving car, seemingly from nowhere. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Verizon Commercial: A man wrestles an alligator while using his mobile. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Dish Network Hopper Commercial: A father makes dangerous illegal U-turns because his family can’t decide where they want to go. “Do not attempt.”

Dish Network Commercial: To prove you can record your favorite shows with doing anything, a man holds his breath then jumps out of his car. “Fictionalization. Do not attempt.”

Golden Corral commercial: Couple jumps out of car rather than go to an expensive restaurant. (Again same version with and without “Do not attempt” disclaimer.)