RC Superman
Former Air Force test pilot Otto Dieffenbach has been flying Remote Controlled (RC) super heroes for years but it wasn’t until a passerby looked up in the sky and uploaded the now viral video to YouTube that they really took off.

MORE FOOTAGE @ YouTube Channels for Otto Dieffenbach & Treggon Owens (best clips below)

Dieffenbach says he plans to sell kits for the RC super heroes, which he calls Flyguys and Flygirls. They’ll retail for around $500 on RC Groups.

He probably should have kept his identity secret though, because once DC Comics gets wind of this they’ll quickly bring him back to Earth.

RC Supergirl

Not surprisingly, RC Superman got top billing in most of the news coverage but CNN’s Jeanne Moos rounded out the story nicely with the much more aerodynamic Supergirl.

Unlike her male counterparts whose landings look more like faceplants, Dieffenbach gave Supergirl “silicone implants so that she would roll along the ground and do graceful landings.”

That’s right. Her super-sized breasts double as landing gear and what look like nipples are actually wheels!

Less practical are Supergirl’s stilettos and dolled up face, which was modeled on the vintage Vargas pin-up girls.