Smooshies toilet humor
Zealous Creative, the award-winning production company behind Zero and The Maker, is going down the toilet … literally. Its newest project, Smooshies, is a series of shorts about delightfully deviant crocheted toys that like to get into mischief like crapping everywhere but in the toilet.

“Now a lot of you are probably wondering how I could go from making Zero and The Maker to making the Smooshies,” says Director Christopher Kezelos. “Yes they’re very different films and yes the Smooshies are very crass but the truth is I’m a pretty crass person. I have a lot of toilet humor coursing through my veins. I’ve just gotta get it all out, so I’m going to make a lot more of these videos but rest assured for those people who want more video like Zero and The Maker, we have more coming. We should release a new film early next year (2013).”

Custom SmooshiesYou can adopt any of the Smooshies featured in the YouTube series or have one custom built at the Smooshie Farm. They’re made from soft acrylic yarn with non-detachable safety eyes but yarn eyes are available for those with young children. Best of all, these Smooshies are house-trained!