Amazon Celebrates Gay Marriage in New Kindle Commercial (Anna Zielinski)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has privately shown his support for same-sex marriage with sizable donations but now the company is publicly backing marriage equality in a new commercial for the Kindle Paperwhite.

The commercials typically feature the irresistible Anna Zielinski being hit on by a man, who she gives the cold shoulder. She not-so-subtly mentions her husband but this time so does he.

The man takes her suggestion to buy a Kindle and asks her to celebrate with him.

“My husband’s bring me a drink right now,” she replies.

“So is mine,” he reveals.

They both look back at their spouses, who avoid stereotypes by not being readily identifiable as gay or straight.

“We don’t know which of the two men at the end is married to the man and the woman,” praises Mike Wilke, founder of, which gave the commercial a perfect score.