Beercade Beer-Dispensing Arcade Game
Some pubs are actually encouraging bar fights, the virtual variety at least. The McKinney ad agency has created a beer-themed arcade game to promote Big Boss Brewing.


The Last Barfighter is flash game styled after Street Fighter. Players choose one of five characters representing the five year-round Big Boss brews: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. The arcade cabinet features the leg cling popular in movie posters like National Lampoon’s Vacation. Scantily-clad women claw at the hero, who holds up his beer in victory. The reverse side has a heroine in a similar pose. The coin slots have been replaced with beer taps that reward the winner with a microbrew sample. The taste of victory has never been so sweet.

Beercade The Last Barfighter

“The Last Barfighter is a latest tool in the Big Boss arsenal. It’s a secret weapon that really showcases our beer brands in a fun, interactive, beer-dispensing video game with retro-cool appeal!” said Dave Rogers, Big Boss Brewing’s marketing and distribution manager. “We plan on featuring the Last Barfighter at events that help raise funds and awareness for our charitable partners in the communities we serve.”

Unfortunately, this machine is literally one-of-a-kind so don’t expect to see it at your local bar anytime soon. The next showing will be Feb 27th 5-8PM at Big Boss Brewing (1249-A Wicker Drive in Raleigh, North Carolina).