Star Trek Countdown To Darkness 2 - Mudd
Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness #1 ended with Captain Kirk meeting a man who claimed to be Robert April, the first captain of the Enterprise. This issue we learn that he was actually the captain of a previous Enterprise.

April supposedly died 20 years ago but he explains how his first officer helped him fake his death so that he could break the Prime Directive of non-interference and stop a genocide on Phaedus. Reminiscent of the classic Star Trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield,” the inhabitants only difference is their skin color. Unfortunately, the oppressors are also receiving help from an arms dealer named Mudd! In the original series, Harry Mudd was a conman whose schemes often involved trafficking women but this time he is a woman and apparently an alien too. Mudd has a earring and nose ridge that give her the appearance of a Bajoran, the species popularized on Deep Space Nine.