The Walking Dead Reveals Carl's Fate
We finally find out what happens to Carl in The Walking Dead #107. In the previous issue he went all Rambo on the warlord Negan but ended up getting captured. It ends with a dramatic cliffhanger. Negan tells Rick, “I can’t fucking wait until you see what I’ve done to your little boy!”

In an online poll most people thought Negan should go easy on the kid and either involuntarily adopt Carl or flat out let him go, which is exactly what happened.

The issue opens with Rick enraged and attacking Negan, who eventually admits that was his plan all along. Carl is returned unharmed. “What I should have said was I can’t fucking wait until you see that I’ve done nothing to your little boy,” Negan says with a smile. “I’ll admit I was trying to instigate you.”

The Walking Dead - Rick and Carl reunite