Ikki Tousen AKA Battle Vixens Box
Battle Vixens AKA Ikki Tousen KanuThis 24 month calendar (April 2013 to March 2015) features the scantily-clad high school girls of Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen) but unlike a typical lingerie calendar these girls are bare it all.

This lingerie isn’t on the girls. There’s an actual bra belonging to the character Kanu, which would explain why she’s always missing it and showing under boob.

But what’s lingerie without something to fill it out. Other tangible goodies include a Ryofu 3D breasts mouse pad that’s sure to keep your hands full.

Along with some key animation and original drawings by creator Yuji Shiozaki, they’re all part of the limited edition Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen) Kyoki Ranbu BOX, available for preorder now.

A similar promotion was offered for the AIKa R-16: Turning Mission manga, which includes a pair of white panties with a pink bow.